Historic houses and buildings Insurance

Insurance concepts for Historic Houses

Castellum Underwriting is a trademark of IRM-Kotax and stands for specialists who are well acquainted with the risk and the insurance of historic houses for more than 30 years.

Due to the collaboration with castle and palace owners in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic we record continuous growth. 

Outstanding connections to prestigious associations of the protection and preservation of magnificent buildings formed the idea to simplify and structure this particular branch for private property owners. 

Burgen & Schlösser

Therefore the ALL-Risk insurance of Castellum Underwriting was developed and is completely adapted for the needs of property owners. IRM-Kotax has managed to develop a product on the basis of simple insurance modules composed of the following characteristics, which normally would be so difficult to combine.

We exclusively offer:

  • A deep coverage on all risks cover
  • An increased insurance sum for buildings, content and additional expenses
  • An extremely attractive level of premiums

We will gladly advise you and find the best suitable insurance solution together. Please find our quotation form here.

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Mr. Ing. Alexander Punzl
Tel.: +43 1 503 62 33
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